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Tasmery & Company Ltd.

Tasmery & Company Ltd.

Since 1992

A Herbal Cosmetic & Toiletries manufacturing unit under Tasmery & Company since 1992. This unit is manufacturing unit :

  • Tasmery Hair Oil
  • Tasmery Him Kusum Kesh Tel
  • Tasmery Cool Hair Oil
  • Tasmery Hi-dilla Hair Oil
  • Tasmery Arnika Plus Hair Oil
  • Tasmery Coconut Oil
  • Tasmery Luxury Powder

  • Tasmery Cool Prickly Heat Powder
  • Silky Shine Shampoo (Mini Pack)
  • Dextrose (Foil Pack)
  • Dextrose (Box)
  • Tasmery Golapjol (White Bottle)
  • Tasmery Golapjol (Blue Bottle)
  • Tasmery Mehedi

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75, Shwamibag Road, Dhaka-1100.
Phone: (880) 02-955-9989
Fax: (880) 02-955-9990
Website: http://tasmerygroup.com
Email: info@tasmerygroup.com


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