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Pabna Homeo Research Lab. Ltd.

Pabna Homeo Research Lab. Ltd.

Since 1975

A Homeo Research Laboratory & Manufacturing Unit, Started in the mid of  1975. The Founder Chairman & Managing Director being a Doctor, sets up this  Homeo Research Laboratory to Research & Manufacture Homeo products. The  Homeo Raw materials are also imported under this company.

We manufacture the following items at Pabna Homoeo Res. Lab. Limited:

  • Kalamegh Q Patent
  • Justicia Q Patent
  • China Q Patent
  • Avena Sat Q Patent
  • Turnera Q Patent
  • Nux Vomica Q Patent
  • Nat. Mur. 10x
  • Hecla Lava Tooth Powder
  • Graphytis 3x
  • Sugar of Milk
  • Santonine 1x
  • Granetum
  • Calendulon Power
  • Calendulon Ointment
  • Graphytis Ointment
  • Biochemic Tablet
  • Mother Tincture

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