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Board of Directors

Board of Directors of Tasmery Group:

The List of the Other Share Holder Directors of  Tasmery Group are as follows:

  1. Mrs. Shefali Baten, the present Chairman and Managing Director of the group


  1. Mr. Md. Selim Bin Baten (Shihab), Chief Executive Officer and Share holder Director of the group.


  1. Dr. Umme Mariam Bin Baten (Bithi), Share Holder Director [Post Graduate & Homeopathy Physician (DHMS)]


  1. Dr. Rabeya Binte Baten (Lima), Share Holder Director [MBBS Doctor and Govt. Service Holder]


  1. Dr. Tahmina Binte Baten (Eva), Share Holder Director [BDMS Doctor and Service Holder as Medical officer in Germany].


  1. Miss. Maliha Taskin Binte Baten (Isha), Share Holder Director.

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